Lawbreaks closed beta nu te spelen!

De gravity based first person shooter LawBreakers is nu middels een closed beta te spelen. Na veel feedback te hebben gehad op de alpha heeft Boss Key Productions er een flinke patch tegen aangegooid.

Bij de LawBreakers draait het allemaal om de zwaartekracht en het leven zuur maken van de vijand. De closed beta is het antwoord op de alpha die in 2016 heeft plaats gevonden. Mocht je helaas niet meedoen met de huidige beta, geen probleem! Je kunt nog steeds inschrijven, om alsnog mee te doen met een volgende beta.

Boss Key Productions de makers van LawBreakers hebben goed geluisterd naar de feedback van de alpha testers. Middels een uitgebreide patch note kan men lezen wat er allemaal is aangepast;


New Content, Changes & Improvements
– New: party and team voice chat powered by Discord
– New Roles: Battle Medic, Juggernaut & Gunslinger
– New Maps: Mammoth & Station
– Balance updates on original Roles and Modes
– Updated HUD and UI/Menus
– Tutorial videos added to menus
– New: Stash Boxes and light cosmetic customization for testing purposes only – will not – transfer to future BETAs or full release (just a small sample)
– In-Game Achievements
– More robust Settings menu
– Enhanced scoring events system
– Improved in-game text chat
– Healthbars and optional damage numbers
– Optional alternative hit impact sounds
– Skill based matchmaking first pass – Work in Progress
– Auto-balance between matches
– Reduced warm up time to 15s
– Health pickups
– Auto import Steam friends
– Improved profile, player stats, match history
– Improved netcode
– Performance and loading times optimizations
-First pass gamepad support

Known Issues & Bugs 
– There’s a low chance you can get stuck in the Achievements screen when clicking around  on Achievements, you’ll have to force quit out of the game if this happens
– Menus are still a work in progress, so expect more consistent and enhanced functionality as the closed Beta progresses
– No way to remap Enter for chat
– You should not be able to drop the Overcharge game object and that key binding option will be removed in the future
– Profile statistics are still a work in progress – many aren’t tracking stats perfectly, or are displaying incorrect information. This will improve in future Betas
– Your progression bar is displaying your progress incorrectly. It’s unlocking things just fine, but the increasing bar logic needs to be visually cleaned up
– The menu can become slower over time. Restart the game if the issue is too severe
– Party Members might get stuck in queue when party is disbanded. Restart game to fix
– Discord: Pressing Alt F4 during a match does not remove you from Discord channel
– Some achievements do not work
– Front End Menus do not scale properly with non-16/9 monitors
– After launching, the game may constantly minimizes when clicking in the window
– Workaround 1: Alt-tab to desktop and double click the LawBreakers Icon in the windows taskbar
– Workaround 2: After launching the game in Steam, click in the first window that pops up that displays the Boss Key logo before the game fully launches
– Missing “NEW” tag on Stash Box Menu Button when new Stash Boxes are available
– Juggernaut has a Secondary Weapon option accessible
– Feng is missing Character Skins
– While previewing an item, the Camera does not reset when hitting Back or ESC key
– Missing some feedback when items are equipped
– Settings that do not work:
– Audio Tab
– Mute Own Voice
– Auto Join Voice Rooms
– Incorrect Profile Icons are displaying on the in-game Scoreboard
– Rarely, the Battery Icon will not be displayed on the Player holding the Battery
– Healing sound loops if spectating a player that is healed
– Cannot press ESC to display Pause Menu while dead
-The XP/Level up meter will display incorrectly at the end of a match. The XP is counting correctly but the display will be incorrect
– When joining a Turf War game in progress you may temporarily see icon issues with the captured zones.
– In the settings menu, if you set any slider to zero, it will visually reposition to 50%, but is actually set to zero.
– Unable to rebind most mouse buttons.